Beeswax Stick


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Choose from golden, black, paraffin or pharmaceutical grade beeswax depending on your needs. It is used in lace making, batik printing, furniture restoration, waxing threads and more. And now our pharmaceutical grade beeswax can be used for cosmetics and food wraps.

Natural beeswax sticks have an astounding range of uses:
Lace making
Batik print making
Filling scratches, cracks and holes in furniture restoration
Wood turning
Waxing woodworker's saws and tools
Stabalising old oil paintings
Machine knitting
Waxing yarns and threads
Waxing fishermen's line
Water proofing archer's bow strings
Easing the runners of stiff drawers
Easing stiff zip fasteners - also see Zip slip
Tuning pan pipes
Forming the mouth piece of didgeridoos
Making furniture polish