Coffee Drip Filter Maker


Randwyke coffee drip filter maker set with a 600ml glass coffee jug packed in a box.

This delightful filter coffee maker makes it so simple to make a 21oz jug of freshly brewed coffee;

No electricity is required just hot water.

No filter papers required a permanent metal filter supplied.


Simply spoon ground coffee into the stainless steel mesh coffee filter on top of the 600ml glass jug then pour hot water over the coffee. Wait a few minutes for the coffee to brew into the glass coffee jug. Now you have enough fresh coffee for up to 4 cups (600ml).

The Randwyke coffee drip set box contains;

A stainless steel permanent coffee filter and lid, one 600 ml glass coffee jug(4 cups), and a plastic coffee measuring spoon with a lid. Everything you need to make a delicious cup of freshly filtered coffee and comes packed into a Randwyke gift box.